Rebuild: a study in Nehemiah

Yahweh Sisterhood

Thursday Mornings @ 10am

Beginning January 18th

We are a group of women of all ages who love to explore God's word and support one another in prayer. Visitors are welcome and child care can be provided, if needed. If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Helmcamp.

"The Book of Nehemiah tells of God's people returned from exile and rebuilding the broken-down city of Jerusalem. More than that, it tells of God's people being rebuilt according to His Word. As we watch the leader Nehemiah direct the rebuilding, we're watching the Lord God direct history according to his promises–all of which were fulfilled in the promised Christ who came from this people's seed. This study of Nehemiah helps us understand our history as believers in Jesus Christ. It helps us learn to walk in faith according to God's Word, even in times of weakness and rebuilding."  See more at 

Childcare available upon request.