The Trail Ahead - Stewardship 2022

At any point in time, it seems, it is appropriate to stop and rest, take a deep breath, and reassess our progress—to take stock of where we are and where we have journeyed—before taking the next step.

In the unprecedented times we have experienced—and are still experiencing—together, there have been numerous resting places and reassessments, with more to come. Extraordinary times like these, though, call for extraordinary measures, including planning and stewardship that invest in the future. Now is the time to look farther afield and begin visioning for The Trail Ahead. When God calls on us to begin the journey beyond the present, will we be ready?

Does The Trail Ahead challenge us to unprecedented service to match unprecedented circumstances? Do we lead or do we follow? Who will plan the route, clear the trail, discern the landmarks, provide for greater access, and encourage ourselves and others to stay the course? If not us, who? If not now, when? If not with God’s grace, with what?

If we are to forge The Trail Ahead together, we need to begin the planning now, and that takes prayer, community, and stewardship. Each member of and visitor to our church has a role to play:

First, read Matthew 25:31-46 and pray for the vision of what that means for The Trail Ahead.

Second, please pray for our church and our community as we move forward on faith.

Third, consider pledging your time and talent to one of our mission teams or committees.

Fourth, make a financial pledge to support our programs, staff, and facilities.

See you on the trail!

An online Time & Talent Pledge form is available here.

Use this form to make a Financial Pledge online or

print this form and return to the church.

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