Join the Fellowship Committee in adding some beautiful spring color

to the RRPC Campus!

Volunteer to plant a flower in a RRPC flower bed!  We wanted an activity that reminds us that even though we can't meet in person right now, we are still one community.  We each bring our own spark of color when put together it is a lovely bright bouquet!

There are 15 minute time slots for each family unit - up to 5 family members per time slot.  Please bring your own mask, gloves and trowel to plant (they are small 6 inch annuals - easy to plant and a trowel will be sufficient.)  Masks and social distancing are required.  The Fellowship Committee will have the plants ready for you to pick up at the welcome table and will show you the bed to plant in.  We will have some extra sanitized tools and gloves if needed, but bringing your own is highly recommended.

In order to purchase supplies and keep everyone safe, we are asking that you sign up.

Please go here to sign up.

  • Plants and soil will be provided.  
  • Please bring gardening or latex gloves, if possible.  Extra latex gloves will be available if needed.
  • Please bring gardening tools if you have them. Pre-sanitized tools will be available if you need them.
  • One household will be able to plant in an area at a time.
  • We have two flowerbeds designated for this planting.  Each group will have 15 minutes in their assigned planting area.
  • Please park in the main, larger parking area.  Fellowship Committee volunteers will direct you from there.