Jesus: Person of Mystery  - A Six Week Epiphany Sermon Series

In a time of chaos, we look for answers, we look for peace.

As Jesus people we turn to scripture for Christ to reveal, invite, and urge us to live out our lives faithfully in the midst of all that is going on in the world. 

For the six-weeks leading up to Lent we are going to explore, through the Gospels, who this Jesus is and seek to discover how he is revealing himself to us today. As we explore Jesus’ mysterious identity, we may discover more about ourselves and a purpose that causes us to live with a sense of urgency.(1)

Series Begins Sunday, January 10th.

Worship is at 11am CT on ZoomGo here for the live service.  The worship service and sermon will be available to view after the live service.

(1) -Theresa Cho, The Preacher's Guide to Lectionary Sermon Series: Thematic Plans for Years A, B, and C (Louisville, Kentucky: Westminster John Knox Press, 2016), 92-100.