THe Joy Project  for  Senior High Youth

The Joy Project encourages and leads us to bring joy to the center of Christian life. It does this by taking us on a deeper look at some aspects of life that can be draining, some that can be life giving, and rooting them in the love of Christ. 

The Joy Project was created in tandem by the Yale Institute for Youth Ministry and the Austin Theological Seminary. 

We in central Texas and here at RRPC have the privilege of being part of the roll-out of new curriculum targeted for youth with the goal of laying the foundation of a life which leverages the practice of Joy in all aspects of our lives. 

Our Youth Director, Jeremy Demarest, is orchestrating the use of this curriculum across all aspects of our youth programs including using it as the basis for our Senior High program between services each Sunday. 

All senior high youth are encouraged to start off the year with a joyful and fresh perspective in the “Upper Room @ RRPC”, a.k.a. The Loft, each Sunday @10:10 am (Refreshment will be served!)