Holy Week of Service - Wednesday

Those Who Serve

The phrase, “those who serve”, naturally brings to mind those in the armed services that have and continue to honorably serve our nation, but we should also show our appreciation for those who daily serve our community as postal workers, teachers, trash collectors, and other public servants. A short note of thanks or small gift to show our appreciation will make their day!

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  • Send flowers, coffee, or a gift card to a teacher.

    This close to end of school, with on and off again in-person school, each teacher, many back in the classroom after periods of virtual learning needs supplies that can't be ordered this late in the session by the school. Students, perhaps back in the classroom after virtual learning, need things in class. Teachers end up buying them. Amazon gift cards, or other office supply stores, or even packages of useful items would be appreciated. Amazon is easy because they deliver. Gift cards would be easy to send and would relieve a real need.

    Maybe you have a teacher in mind that you know could use the help or perhaps would just appreciate some flowers or a cup of coffee to show they are appreciated.

    You might also consider this: Write two notes or letters of appreciation to staff at Voigt Elementary (our partner school) and bring them to the specially crafted mailbox outside the main entrance of the sanctuary. Don’t seal the envelopes, because we’ll be enclosing gift cards! ($5 Gift cards to Starbucks have already been donated)

  • Send a Care package to a member of the armed forces.

    Want to send your support to a Soldier, Marine, Sailor, Airman, or Coastguardsman but have no idea of what to send, who to send it to, or how to send it? Here is a website that can help!

  • Put a thank you note and cookies in your mailbox for your mail carrier.

    Postal workers have been critical during this pandemic and are often unappreciated as they get swept up in the political maelstrom. A note and small box of cookies goes a long way to lift their spirits. Or drop by the local post office with a large box of cookies or a cookie cake with a special message of thanks. Homemade cookies are probably not the best idea in our current environment, so make sure the cookies you purchase are well sealed with tamper-proof packaging:

  • Leave water for your trash collector in hot weather.

    Winter is just behind us and it looks like we will skip spring and move right into our hot Texas summer. Do you have one too many disposable coolers? Fill one with ice cold water and leave it on top of the bin with a note of gratitude! (Have your kids draw pictures to decorate to make it extra-special!

  • Choose your own random act of appreciation for those who serve.

    Think of all the people who serve us day in and day out. How can you show them your love with a small token of appreciation?

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