Band of brothers bible Study

We are a multi-generational group who support one another through Bible study and prayer over breakfast on Thursday mornings. Visitors are always welcome.

The Band of Brothers meet at 6:30am CT Thursday mornings in person in the RRPC Fellowship Hall or via Zoom. 

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Please email Rick Seifert for more information about the group and see information on our current study below.

The Book of Job

Religious views on authorship can vary, but historically Moses has been seen as having written the Book of Job, which is dedicated to the exciting topic of suffering.

• It’s the story of a blameless and upright man who appears to be undeserving of the suffering he endured. 

• Most people don’t have a problem with suffering when it happens to the unjust and the unrighteous. 

• We aren't' too upset when someone who has done injustice receives justice.

• Yet when a righteous man suffers for doing right, we sometimes struggle with this reality. 

• We have a problem with it because we see it as unjust and unfair; 

It causes us to ask some big questions about the justice of God.

These will be the topics we discuss in this 5-session study of the Book of Job.


For more information, email Rick Seifert.