Band of brothers bible Study

We are a multi-generational group of guys who support one another through Bible study and prayer on Thursday mornings. Visitors are always welcome.

The Band of Brothers meet at 6:30am CT Thursday mornings currently over Zoom

Please email Rick Seifert for more information about the group and see information on our current study below.

New study Begins february 25th

The Bible Tells Me So: 

Why Defending Scripture Has Made Us Unable to Read It

by Peter Enns

What if the Bible is fine  just the way it is?  

•Not a well-behaved Bible, where everything lines up and makes sense, but the messy, troubling, and weird Bible we actually have?

•What if the Bible doesn’t need to be protected and defended, but understood–just as it is?

•What if the real problem isn’t the Bible but the false expectations we sometimes bring to it?

•Perhaps, when we let the Bible be the Bible rather than what we expect it ought to be–or need it to be–we will find a deeper faith in the process.

If you would like to join the class please email Rick Seifert.  

If you are interested in the study, you can order the book from Amazon (click to follow links)