Bible Studies

Based on Guidance from the CDC and the Williamson County Authorities, the normal activities that take place on-site at the church as described below are suspended through May 11, 2020.

Please see the “Stay Connected” section to see how many of these ministries will continue in the interim.

  • Band of Brothers

    Thursday Mornings @ 6:30 am in the Fellowship Hall

    We are a multi-generational group of guys who support one another through Bible study, prayer and breakfast on Thursday mornings. Visitors are always welcome.

  • Yahweh Sisterhood

     Thursday Mornings 10am-11:45am  Fellowship Hall Room F5

    Jesus was a skilled storyteller and teacher who used parables from everyday life to share his message. The parables are meant to surprise, inspire, and even indict us, challenging us to see the world in a different way. In her book Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi, Jewish Rabbi Amy-Jill Levine takes us back in time to explore how the original Jewish audience understood these moving stories. She interprets them for the contemporary reader, showing how they are not just about Jesus, but are also about us — still challenging and provoking us two thousand years later.

    If you have any questions, please contact Jennifer Helmcamp.