Yahweh sisterHood bible study

We are a multi-generational group who support each other through fellowship, prayer and study with a bit of laughter and lots of love mixed in.  

We gather on Thursdays from 10:00 - 11:45am.  

Resumes January 13th

Please email Jennifer Helmcamp for more information.

From Daughters to Disciples

Women's Stories from the New Testament

by Lynn Japinga

Resumes January 13th on Zoom only.  

We will begin in chapter 6 and complete the study on January 27th.

For too long the women of the Bible have been depicted in one-dimensional terms. On one side are saints, such as Mary, while on the other are "bad girls," such as Eve and Jezebel. Just as often, the female characters of the Bible are simply ignored. However, the women of the Bible are complex, multidimensional individuals whose lives are inspiring, funny, and tragic in ways too many of us never hear.

Readers will encounter a wealth of foremothers in the faith in all their messy, yet redeemable, humanity. This Bible study introduces and retells every female character who contributes to one or more New Testament stories, diving deeply into what each woman's story means for us today.

If you would like to join the class please email Jennifer Helmcamp.  

The Difficult Words of Jesus

A Beginners Guide to His Most Perplexing Teachings

by Amy-Jill Levine

Study Begins February 10th on Zoom and In-Person.

Jesus provided his disciples teachings for how to follow Torah, God’s word; he told them parables to help them discern questions of ethics and of human nature; he offered them beatitudes for comfort and encouragement. But sometimes Jesus spoke words that followers then and now have found difficult. He instructs disciples to hate members of their own families (Luke 14:26), to act as if they were slaves (Matthew 20:27), and to sell their belongings and give to the poor (Luke 18:22). He restricts his mission (Matthew 10:6); he speaks of damnation (Matthew 8:12); he calls Jews the devil’s children (John 8:44).

In The Difficult Words of Jesus, Amy-Jill Levine shows how these difficult teachings would have sounded to the people who first heard them, how have they been understood over time, and how we might interpret them in the context of the Gospel of love and reconciliation.

If you would like to join the class please email Jennifer Helmcamp.