Yahweh sisterHood bible study

We are a group of 'sisters' who support each other through fellowship, prayer and study with a bit of laughter and lots of love mixed in.  

We typically gather on Thursdays from 10:00 - 11:45am in the RRPC Fellowship Hall or via Zoom.  

Please email to receive the Zoom link.



by Luke A. Powery

Rise Up Shepherd! is a set of Advent devotions based on African American spirituals. These songs give profound insights into the human condition. Many focus on an essential scene of the Christian drama: the coming of God as the child in Bethlehem and as the hope of the world and the liberator of God’s oppressed people.

The participant guide is available online HERE.

We will meet in the Fellowship Hall and over Zoom


All are welcome to join us!

The Yahweh Sisters support each other through fellowship, prayer, and study.

  • We embrace studies which both challenge and bless us as opportunities to grow in faith and spiritual joy.
  • We explore scripture within the original biblical context and grapple with how it applies to our lives today. We study contemporary spiritual writings that cause us to wonder about, examine, and discover how to live out our reformed and always reforming faith.
  • We love God and love our neighbors through following Christ’s example in our actions and words as we strive to impact today’s world in meaningful ways.